Reusable Self-adhesive 3D False Eyelashes

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Having a hard time applying eyelashes?

Enhance The Beauty of Your Eyes The Easy Way With Self-Adhesive, All Natural False Eyelashes. 

No glue is required.

It’s no secret how much fake eyelashes can enhance an entire look. Often hailed as the ‘finishing touch’ to any eye makeup routine, false eyelashes can not only improve the appearance of makeup – but also boost your confidence too!

But beauty often comes with a price, with many false eyelash sets being incredibly difficult to work with. Requiring sticky glue and long waiting times, many beauty lovers find themselves feeling increasingly frustrated. However, with their unique self-adhesive technology and versatile appearance, these eyelashes are certain to enhance your makeup game for good.

Self-Adhesive & Reusable

Complete with a discreet pre-glued strip, these lashes require NO extra glue. Saving you time and money, you can easily apply these lashes to your eyes straight from their packaging – ideal if you’re in a rush to get ready!

Better still, these eyelash sets are fully reusable. Able to be worn multiple times without losing their luxury look, you won’t have to spend a small fortune constantly repurchasing your favorite lashes.

Comfortable and Cruelty-free 

Offering drama yet still able to look natural and sophisticated, these lashes have been carefully crafted using high-quality synthetic fiber. Kind to eyes and shaped to feel lightweight and comfortable for hours, every lash strip is free from harmful ingredients that could cause irritation.

Guaranteed Satisfaction – Or Your Money Back

If you’re not completely happy with these self-adhesive false lashes, we want to hear about it. Simply let us know the problem within the first 7 days after receiving it to receive a full refund – no questions asked!


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Product category; false eyelashes
Material; chemical fiber
Weight: 38g

Package Content :
Package Includes: 1x Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes


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